Prince Edward Island Association of Medical Radioation Technologists

We are a professional non-profit organization incorporated in 1982 under the name Prince Edward Island Association of Medical Radiation Technologists. During the years of 1963 to 1982 we were a branch of the Canadian Society of Radiological Technicians, New Brunswick Division.

Technologists and therapists are involved in total patient management, from diagnosis to treatment, and directly influence patient outcomes. We are also involved in public education, and participate with other health care team members in many current health care issues.

The professions that are part of our association are:

Nuclear Medicine
Magnetic Resonance
Radiation Therapy
Radiological Technology

  • Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD)
  • Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Mammography

We are governed in the Province of Prince Edward Island through the Public Health Act "Radiation Safety Regulations". Technologists and Therapists who practice in the province must be members of the PEIAMRT and CAMRT. They must abide by the By-laws, Rules and Regulations of the P.E.I.A.M.R.T.

Our code of ethics and scope of practice guidelines are those of the CAMRT.

Mission Statement

The Prince Edward Island Association of Medical Radiation Technologists advances and promotes excellence in the delivery of quality health care by fostering continuing professional development and growth, and by forming collaborative partnerships with other allied health professionals.